Truth and Pain.

I have arrived at a Truth. I want to tell people where I am, but this makes little sense unless I can tell them how to get here.  And how I got here is why I know that I have arrived at a truth.

With pain it’s a bit different.  I arrived at Pain years ago.  For me it was losing daily contact with my kids.  I don’t care how I got here, I just want to leave.  As I slowly have gotten used to Pain, the real pain is that I do not know how to leave.  What we call the Truth is often simply the way we found out of a pain. Somehow we know that the Truth we have found and our escape were not accidental  companions.


2 responses to “Truth and Pain.

  1. I would really like to hear your story about how you arrived at this position… If your experience includes pornography, divorce, etc, I could really benefit from your experience right now?

    • How I arrived? I got lucky. Hard to say how I could have gotten here any other way. Losing things brings the painful reality that we are going to die, we can’t have what we want, and we may never get it. Finding things helps us realize that its worth continuing to look at the world. If we look we may get lucky. The smallest things may be the key to breaking through the disappointment and resetting our expectations.

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