Which Idol do I worship now?

“We make an idol out of truth itself; for truth apart from charity is not God, but His image and idol, which we must neither love nor worship; and still less must we love or worship its opposite, namely, falsehood.” – Blaise Pascal.

I am really at odds with the probability that I may never be a believing Christian again.  I have no problem being a disciple of Christ, but I don’t believe so much of the theology around Jesus. I wouldn’t mind sincerely believing in Christianity again, it is a warm comfortable blanket, but I fear going back to sleep in that bed, and the intellectual dishonesty that I may end up practicing to fit in with other Christians or even fit in with the Bible.


2 responses to “Which Idol do I worship now?

  1. I think it takes guts to say, “It would feel really good to believe such-and-such again, but I just don’t believe it.” That kind of honesty is commendable, and difficult to achieve (especially if you were raised as a believer).

    • Thanks Pretentious Ape.
      Its hard to say whether the honesty is commendable or not. Perhaps the good life has parts of both truth or error. I am freed/condemned to figure it out, without the benefit of “sure” guide that Mormonism/Christianity was.

      Perhaps its like those people who decided to try to free themselves of gravity and fly. Its not necessarily an endeavor for the calm, happy, mind.

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