I Flow?

My little brother is a bit of  genius, he is crazy smart and has got himself through a lot of tough times.

His point was that he is basically done focused on being happy, a state where there is no definable path, and more focused on Flow.  Which is a state where people are happy, actualized, and fulfilled while being active.  It may be that we cannot be happy without flow.   I also think the flowing analogy works well as both a descriptive and semi-normative explanation of the world. 

So I am going to stop asking people if they are happy, or thinking about what makes them happy.  Every person’s happiness is unique. Everybody’s flow will be different depending on the type of liquid they are and the type of rocks they are flowing over. 

When I started asking that question it opened up a new way to look at the pursuit of peace and happiness. 

You Flow? I Flow? We Flow? 

Whose Flow are we jacking?

Whose Flow are we attacking?



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