Satisfying answers to obvious questions vs. crazy talk.

I think everybody needs a satisfying answer to obvious questions. That is deep in the warp of religion, science, philosophy, and art. (Why am I here? Why is the sky blue? Why do I feel pain? Why am I in love?  What is dirt made of?  What is there?)

But for most people the answers are obvious too.

What is there? – Everything.  What made the world? –God.  Why is the sky blue? — Because the stuff that is in the sky is blue when light hits it.

Problem is, the deep-down explanation for anything always sounds crazy to those that were satisfied with other answers.

Philosophy sounds crazy to those not doing it, the more brilliant the more crazy.  (Something Wittgenstein understood well.)  Sometimes a crazy idea has to be even crazier to finally be true.   (Something Niels Bohr understood.)

Which is why everybody’s religion sounds crazy to non-believers.


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