I am going to post Nietzsche/Wittgenstein/Kierkegaard/Pascal-Style from now on.  Aphorisms may seem a bit self-indulgent- and perhaps conceited- but I think I may sacrifice some my insight by trying to put them into a full blog post. Knowing nobody reads this blog–thus relieving me of any pressure to please an audience– I think I will just start posting the thoughts that come to me when I am avoiding work. That way, at least I will spend time in the somewhat productive pursuit of thinking “deep thoughts” rather than reading the latest article on or some less legitmate news sourche

Anyway, with all the legal writing I am doing I fear that I will become extremely boring if I don’t try to mix it up more. But I don’t have time to craft longer articles.

Anyway, if you like these, or have your own, drop a comment.


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